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Marketing in tourism is one of the crucial markets for print manufacturing. Such is the focus on aesthetics in tourism, the latest print techniques can help bring tourist locations alive. Yet tourism marketing is not exclusive in just print. Tourism marketing can be found online also with web brochures or PDF viewing also available as a means for viewing brochures online. These brochures can be replicated in print also such as magazine/pamphlets, advertisements and posters.

The content of advertising locations in tourism brochures is catered towards advertising the location(s) rather than indicate anything particularly derogative about the location(s) itself. Content can come from advertising stand out features, tourist hotspots, and general advice on things to do as well as information about hotels/temporary place(s) to stay. Done properly, there are very little to stand in the way of this marketing failing to attract attention from potential consumers and customers. Yet if these are poorly written or misleading then the initial aims of advertising tourist location(s) would not be met due to the poor uses of advertising and marketing techniques. Otherwise, there is very little to stand in the way of print marketing in tourism being substantially effective.

Whether the marketing is online or physical copies both perform the initial purpose of advertising all that is good rather than informing or instructing people of anything negative.  Viewers of tourism information are already interested.


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