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Is it really important for schools to own a website? Can they manage without it? Does a website make any big difference? These are some unavoidable questions that come to mind. Go through the rest of the blog to know the answers.

Website making is a good idea for every academic institution, even for a kindergarten. Having a school website means less paperwork and instant release of information.

Another attractive point is the students can contribute their poems, short stories, paintings and photographs to the blog of their school website.  Not all school websites feature ‘blog’, but if it is integrated, students can have a global platform to showcase their creativity pursuits. Everyone is allowed to participate if he/she fulfils some criteria and comply with the online behaviour regulations, implemented by the school authorities. Unlike print school magazines, these online platforms take little time to publish the contributions made by students and recognize their efforts. Is a great benefit of school website?

Websites can be quickly updated in real time. Schools can inform the students and parents about the changes in the scheduled date of meetings, functions or upcoming events, and disseminate other details in real time, instead of waiting long for the printing of notice and sticking it onto the notice board. But with websites, updating the details and pressing the ‘Save’ button are the only requirements.

Both students and parents can visit the websites to check exam schedules, book lists for the new academic session, the syllabuses of upcoming examinations and the results. With all these necessary information thrown in, a school website helps the parents know what is going on in schools and how their children are doing. The nicer point is they get to know all these without visiting the schools and meeting the teachers in person, but just by means of a few ‘Clicks’.

Print magic has its own charm but that can’t be a match for the utility a school website provides. People have no luxury of time to flip through the school diary or crane their necks to see what is written on the notice board for important information; they have got easy shortcuts like Ctrl+F to find what they actually need on websites.


Web sites making is an honoring experience for both pupils and teachers. It is same as published a book, although the results are immediate. Your website reflects the quality and culture or your school.By allowing your school’s website to be an interactive communication tool, you are authorizing and encouraging more support and involvement.

There are some basic tips for making school website. They are:-

Basic Information about a School: In this you have to include the name, phone, address, fax and email address of the school. You can add the name of Principal and Vice-principal.

List of staff: Listing the teachers by subject which are taught by them with the clickable email addresses. Makes it easy for parents who want to discuss with a teacher about their children’s study and performance.

Policies of a School: All school policies should be placed on the web site. This prevents misunderstanding and assures that both students and parents are fully informed.

Achievements of student: This shows student’s talent like school functions, trips, athletic teams, theatrical performance. You can also add photos and videos of all these activities.

Other Links: Many of the schools have links to educational sites that are useful to students, teachers and even parents. Three categories of links like academic, recreational and community.

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Pretty much anyone these days can create a quick and simple website. With the way the world is moving forward, having a website is pretty much the norm. However, if you are looking into upgrading your current school website (or if your school doesn’t already have one), then you need to make sure that it is better than the norm. A school website gives any potential students and their parents a real essence of what your school represents. It can draw pupils in, who may not have previously considered you. It is also a must needed source of information for your current students and parents. There is so much to think about when creating a school website, that it is vital you get it right the first time round. You need to consider the layout, is it easy to use, how it looks and does it have all the relevant information added to it. Getting the average Joe to build it is a big no no! You need to seek out a design agency that has expertise in school website design. One great company is HPM Group. They have years of experience when it comes to designing beautiful and effective school websites. You need to remember that this is what will be representing your school online, so getting it right first time round is a must.


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