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Perfect binding is a method of bookbinding, sometimes referred to as case binding, edition binding and cloth binding. It benefits from requiring absolutely no stitching throughout the entire process.

The only thing that holds the book together is a strong, flexible adhesive along the spine.Due to the ease of production, it has now become one of the most popular methods of book-binding.

  • The process begins by holding all the pages tightly together with a device such as a screw press, with the spine exposed by an inch or so.
  • The next stage requires the application of glue all along the spine of the block of pages, where the pages will be fixed. Using a firm-bristled paintbrush, a stabbing technique rather than a stroking technique is the best way to ensure the glue enters into the spaces.
  • Further manipulation of the block of pages and additional applications of glue allows for an extremely strong book spine.
  • Once the block is complete, the cover is attached with glue along the spine and held firmly in place until it sets.

If you’d like more information on which binding technique is best for your publication, speak to the book binding specialists at HPM Group. Just call 0191 300 6941 or email


Is it really important for schools to own a website? Can they manage without it? Does a website make any big difference? These are some unavoidable questions that come to mind. Go through the rest of the blog to know the answers.

Website making is a good idea for every academic institution, even for a kindergarten. Having a school website means less paperwork and instant release of information.

Another attractive point is the students can contribute their poems, short stories, paintings and photographs to the blog of their school website.  Not all school websites feature ‘blog’, but if it is integrated, students can have a global platform to showcase their creativity pursuits. Everyone is allowed to participate if he/she fulfils some criteria and comply with the online behaviour regulations, implemented by the school authorities. Unlike print school magazines, these online platforms take little time to publish the contributions made by students and recognize their efforts. Is a great benefit of school website?

Websites can be quickly updated in real time. Schools can inform the students and parents about the changes in the scheduled date of meetings, functions or upcoming events, and disseminate other details in real time, instead of waiting long for the printing of notice and sticking it onto the notice board. But with websites, updating the details and pressing the ‘Save’ button are the only requirements.

Both students and parents can visit the websites to check exam schedules, book lists for the new academic session, the syllabuses of upcoming examinations and the results. With all these necessary information thrown in, a school website helps the parents know what is going on in schools and how their children are doing. The nicer point is they get to know all these without visiting the schools and meeting the teachers in person, but just by means of a few ‘Clicks’.

Print magic has its own charm but that can’t be a match for the utility a school website provides. People have no luxury of time to flip through the school diary or crane their necks to see what is written on the notice board for important information; they have got easy shortcuts like Ctrl+F to find what they actually need on websites.

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