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The Importance of a School Website

Posted on: October 12, 2012

How often do you search the internet for a particular business or service, in the hopes that all the information you need will be found online? Well, it’s no different when searching for schools. We are living in a fast paced, technology advanced world; and when a parent is trying to find information about a school, the first place they will look is the internet.

Quality Means Everything
Most schools have a school website However the quality of these websites can vary greatly. Having a well designed, interactive and accessible website is crucial for any educational institute. The fact of the matter is, there are some school websites that fail to deliver the marketing message or the right impression for the school by a poor quality website – whether it be issues of content, imagery, or accessibility. Where a decision on which school to attend needs to be made this may be a deciding factor in choosing or not choosing a particular school. Especially if the parents and/or students do not know that much about the school in the first place.

A school website needs to be a place where students, potential students and their families can go to learn anything and everything they need to know about that school. The website should act as constant representative where potential students can gain first-hand information about the way a school works and where current students can go to find everything from the teachers, or breakfast clubs or trip information. This is why it is crucial that a school website is not only eye catching, but also constantly updated and easy for the student or parent to use.

Contact a Professional
To get the best from a website, it’s highly advisable to contact an experienced web-designer who has knowledge and expertise in creating school websites. This way you can request to see their previous work, so you’re safe in the knowledge that the website is in good hands. Not only will a good designer creates a beautifully designed site, but they can also ensure (if requested) that it is interactive, has a high level of usability, is search engine friendly and is integrated with a powerful content management system.

By applying all of the above to a school website, you are one step closer to showing potential students and parents the true essence of a school. The last thing you want to do is give them the wrong impression of what a school is about, by having a poor school website. Don’t settle for any less than.


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[…] Another attractive point is the students can contribute their poems, short stories, paintings and photographs to the blog of their school website.  Not all school websites feature ‘blog’, but if it is integrated, students can have a global platform to showcase their creativity pursuits. Everyone is allowed to participate if he/she fulfils some criteria and comply with the online behaviour regulations, implemented by the school authorities. Unlike print school magazines, these online platforms take little time to publish the contributions made by students and recognize their efforts. Is a great benefit of school website? […]

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